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Disney’s Bob Iger Confirms “Star Wars” Non-Saga Stand-Alone Movies

by on February 5, 2013

iger2013-02-05Okay, in case you missed it, here’s Disney CEO Bob Iger telling CNBC that there are indeed stand-alone Star Wars films “derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.” Yes, we knew this was coming (and we didn’t hear Zack Snyder’s name today, though you’ve read that news before, too), but when the CEO says it, it’s news all over again. He said that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg, already on board as consultants to J.J. Abrams for Chapter VII, are working on the other films, that will be separate from Chapters VII, VIII, and IX, which will be made as planned. He didn’t give any more details than that, but there it is, the boss confirming that there will be more separate spin-off features.

Which raises the spectre of a flood of Star Wars flicks that don’t follow the saga. This is a common thing in comic books, and you could look at the Marvel movies that led up to (and will follow) The Avengers in the same light — Iron Man, Captain America, et al. being separate from, yet complimentary to (and providing back story for) the main event. How, exactly, the new Star Wars non-saga flicks will fit into the canon is anybody’s guess, but we can speculate and propose which characters would be ripe for their own stories in the comments. No, I’m pretty sure Jar-Jar isn’t going to be starring in his own feature.