A Nickel Rolling On a Treadmill For 57 Minutes, Because It Can

What’s best about this video of a nickel rolling on a treadmill for 57 minutes is the description written by the video’s creator, Parker Reed:

“Don’t know why I did this. Glad I did.”

Okay, then.

Parker makes an appearance at the 15:13 mark, with his thumb and then with his face. Later, a ball is added to the “action,” and then the end comes in the 57th minute. The coin covered about 5.16 miles, and… um… I guess that’s that. Yep. I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say that once you’ve seen the initial stretch, you’re not going to experience much different if you watch every minute of the ride.

Yet videos like this fascinate me in that I wonder how someone decides to try this. I mean, a Slinky would be obvious, but rolling a nickel? From where does that inspiration come? But that’s how a lot of science and art are made, when someone looks at some random items and decides to see what happens when you put them together. Sometimes you get a cure for a disease, sometimes you get a horrible explosion, sometimes you get something that makes you want to explore more, sometimes you get something beautiful, sometimes nothing happens, and sometimes you get, well, this.

Now, naturally, we’re getting response videos, like this much shorter one with a model car on a treadmill with a coin darting in and out of “traffic”:

Not the same, though. Not the same.

HT: Laughing Squid

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