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A New Poster For “Iron Man 3″ Surfaces

by on February 27, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, the new poster for Iron Man 3, debuting today at Yahoo!:

Iron Man 3 poster, courtesy Yahoo!

As in the trailer we’ve seen, he’s injured, in the water near the ill-fated house on the bluffs, surrounded by flying Iron Man armors, and looking, it would appear, for revenge. At least, he’s got his fist ready to go. Oh, it’s ON. The Mandarin better watch out, amirite?

Yahoo! also has a lot of stills in a slideshow promoting the movie. There’s also a trailer on its way, coming next week, Tuesday, March 5th, to be exact. And the movie shows up on May 3rd. You’ll go. I know you will.

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