A New Poster For “Iron Man 3″ Surfaces

Ladies and gentlemen, the new poster for Iron Man 3, debuting today at Yahoo!:

Iron Man 3 poster, courtesy Yahoo!

As in the trailer we’ve seen, he’s injured, in the water near the ill-fated house on the bluffs, surrounded by flying Iron Man armors, and looking, it would appear, for revenge. At least, he’s got his fist ready to go. Oh, it’s ON. The Mandarin better watch out, amirite?

Yahoo! also has a lot of stills in a slideshow promoting the movie. There’s also a trailer on its way, coming next week, Tuesday, March 5th, to be exact. And the movie shows up on May 3rd. You’ll go. I know you will.

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  • Start your clock when the mask goes on. Stop it again when RDJ’s face re-appears. You’ll be surprised at how little screen time the face-plate actually gets, as in the comics; how few panels the face-plate shows up compared to TS.

    Heck, he doesn’t even have it on in the poster.

    This story has always been about the heart inside the man, not the man inside the suit.

    Dozens of knock-offs have tried to ride the rusty coat-tails of their own armor-clad alter-egos. And none of them are worth mentioning, because they were about the suit, the gimmick, the armor, and the gadget.

    Iron Man is about the tortured soul, enigmatic charm, and clutzy grace of Tony Stark. See Iron Man #1-527 for more details.