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The Indoor Kids: What Makes You a Gamer? with Jordan Morris

Kumail and Emily welcome their favorite guest, Jordan Morris, to discuss those weird Nintendo commercials where a person (usually a female) is playing a DS and proclaims herself not a gamer, but an artist. What makes a person a gamer? Is it enough to say you are one? Why do we care so much? All this and more!

(Painting is by Dave Kloc- @kmanworldwide)


(8:18 – 11:40) – Zero Dark Thirty talk

Games discussed

XCOM, Far Cry 3, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, Journey, Walking Dead, Kingdom Rush, Pixel Junk Monster, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Farmville, Angry Birds, Halo, Street Fighter, Madden, NBA 2K13

Movies discussed

Zero Dark Thirty

TV discussed

The Wire, X-Files, Game of Thrones

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