The Art Of “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid”

The DVD and CD release of Chris Hardwick: Mandroid, the expanded, unexpurgated version of Chris’ Comedy Central special, is coming up on Tuesday (January 22nd), and while we wait (although you CAN preorder the DVD and/or the CD, and WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE THAT ALREADY?!? GO!!!), Comedy Central has thoughtfully provided us with not only the cover art, which is, as you can see here, awesome, but some sketches to take us through the creative process that resulted in the finished product. Without further ado, here’s the finished version:


How cool is that? Like a vintage comic, only Hardwick-ized. That was the idea all along, but it didn’t start quite like that. Here’s an early sketch:


That expression is priceless. It handles the droid aspect well, but it’s not quite there. So they went with a more action-packed concept:


Yeah, better, but punching out a robot… see, if we’re talking “Mandroid,” he’d be sort of punching out one of his own. So, insert another foe:


There you go. Got your futuristic and prehistoric all merged together in one pulpy thing there. Now, to add the back cover concept:


Okay, let’s refine it a little, and make Hardwick more Hardwickian:


Add color, photos, a blurb, the bonus features, and a lot of polish:


And that’s how they arrived at the finished product, which… did I say it was awesome? BECAUSE IT IS. And you should buy it now via pre-order. On Tuesday, you will be happy to own the final version, which has more material that didn’t make the broadcast version, plus bonus stuff. Oh, yeah, and come back here this weekend for some more teasers and on Tuesday morning for a special giveaway. But buy the thing already. Preorder the DVD by clicking here and/or preorder the CD by clicking here.

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