Mission Log #22: Episode 022 – Space Seed

Before there was the wrath of Khan, there was Khan. Discussion of eugenics, tyranny and abusive relationships: so much grows when we plant “Space Seed” in the Mission Log.



  • […] The Nerdist podcast analyzing the episode explores many of the themes of authoritarianism, chauvinism, genetic manipulation, and the responsibilities of leadership.  Khan quotes both Nietzsche (“Mankind is something to be surpassed”) and Milton as he justifies his choices. The Wrath of Khan builds on those themes and adds more literary and biblical elements as Kirk and Khan vie for control of the world-rending Genesis device.  Khan moves on to referencing  Moby Dick in his quest for revenge, as well as the odd Klingon (begging the question, when did Khan meet a Klingon?)  Kirk and his confreres lean more heavily toward Dickens, borrowing heavily from A Tale of Two Cities in scenes of heroism and sacrifice. […]