ILM’s “Avengers” Visual FX Reel


Because who doesn’t love watching special effects how-they-did-it videos, here’s Industrial Light and Magic’s reel showcasing the Academy Award-nominated visual FX from The Avengers. That’s all it is — a little less than five minutes’ worth — and all it needs to be.

In case you missed ILM’s previous explanatory video about the key tie-in scene in New York where the camera flies around showing how each member of the team is fighting back, here:


HT: Charlene Jimenez

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  • […] Oh, hell yes. The Hulk looks great, the Iron Man suits look great, those giant flying space lizard thingies look great. In movies like this there are precious few scenes that don’t feature any CGI additions or alterations, but rather than always calling attention to themselves, virtually all of the effects used in this movie blend in seamlessly. The battle for New York that takes up much of the movie’s third act is unlike anything that’s been on display in 2012. Really, Industrial Light & Magic’s VFX reel speaks for itself. […]