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Chell Bowls in the Winning Valve/Nerdist Mashup Contest Entry

by on January 30, 2013


Congratulations are in order for Sadierose Schwarzmiller. She’s the artist behind the awesome Valve/Nerdist mashup art you see here that won the Mashup Contest for a trip to the DICE conference in Las Vegas. Chell and Gordon Freeman couldn’t catch a break, apparently, when they did Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling.

After going through over 70 entries, the field was narrowed to ten finalists, which you can see on the Nerdist/Valve Mashup Pinterest board. An honorable mention goes to Jeffrey Albert’s entry, a Chrome extension that turns into a Steam doppleganger.

Stay tuned to and the Nerdist Channel for more from the DICE conference and awards in Las Vegas.