The Kid Gets Out Of The Picture on “Homeland”

New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has been right on top of everything Homeland since the show began, and they’ve had fun taking video of the Showtime drama and using it for their own nefarious purposes, including putting a laugh track and happy production music on a dramatic scene and editing together Claire Danes swearing as Carrie with Claire Danes reacting as Angela Chase from My So-Called Life. Today, they’ve noticed that the character of Chris Brody, the son of Congressman/former P.O.W./terrorist/double-agent Nicholas Brody, exists mostly to be told to leave the room by the grown-ups when they have exposition or plot twists to discuss. And, so, with a little sad music, here’s a little under a minute of Chris Brody’s Greatest Exits.



  • […] Well, The Walking Dead Homeland doesn’t necessarily redefine terrorism so much as it throws the cast of Homeland and The Walking Dead into a blender and serves up a tall, frothy sketch comedy smoothie. With spot-on impressions of everyone from Saul Berenson to a particularly sassy Hershel Greene, the Barely Political team poses the burning question of, “What if The Walking Dead and Homeland took place in the same universe?” The answer: it would be pretty magnificent. They even programmed in a Talking Walking Dead Homeland segment with our very own Chris Hardwick, who really gets into the nitty-gritty of the episode, er, sketch, asking the tough questions that lesser mid-sketch talkback show hosts wouldn’t dare to. Now that I think about it, Rick and Carrie are both crazy enough that they would make the greatest power couple of the zombie apocalypse. Honestly, this might be the best Homeland-related thing since that montage of Chris Brody being told to leave the room set to super sad music. […]