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The Indoor Kids: Another Year Over with The Indoor Kids (and Gil of The Mutant Season)

It’s the end of another year of all the forms of art and entertainment you can cram into your eyes and ears. Kumail and Emily go through their top picks for movies, games, and more, and are then joined by Gil, 10 year old boy genius, son of the owners of Meltdown Comics, and host of The Mutant Season. Gil talks about Christmas, his favorite games and movies, and more!

Games mentioned in this episode:

Super Mario Bros Wii-U


Super Stardust Delta

Hidden in Plain Sight

Max Payne 3


Darksiders 2


Rayman Origins

Mass Effect 3

Assassin’s Creed 3


NBA 2K13

Lego Batman 2

Lego Lord of the Rings

Borderlands 2

The Walking Dead game

Binding of Isaac

Spec Ops: The Line

Sleeping Dogs

FarCry 3

Hitman: Absolution

The Witcher 2


Halo 4



Movies mentioned in this episode:

Django Unchained

John Dies at the End


7 Psychopaths

Moonrise Kingdom

The Raid: Redemption

Cabin In The Woods

Sleepwalk With Me

The Master


Indie Game: The Movie

Hunger Games

Wreck It Ralph

Magic Mike


The Hobbit

Real Steel


We’re aware that Real Steel is out on DVD and did not come out in 2012; please don’t tweet at Gil to correct him.

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