Pickstarter: Mr. Ghost, Forsaken Fortress, The Black Coat

This week in Pickstarter we’re looking at a way to detect ghosts with your iPhone, a post-apocalyptic team based RPG, and a swashbuckling spy comic, with a pulp hero flair.

Pick #1 – Mr. Ghost: iPhone EMF Detector

We’re not saying ghosts exist, but if they did we’d love to be able to track them using our iPhone. Mr. Ghost is going to make that a possibility. Common thought from “ghost hunters” is that ghosts give off an electric field that gives off EMF radiation. EMF radiation is a real thing that our standard household appliances using electricity give off. Using an app and specially designed wand, you can read the EMF radiation in a given area. The only major flaw this project has is that it didn’t take its design cues from the Ghostbusters’ PKE Meter.

Pick #2 – Forsaken Fortress

It’s not yet December 21st, but it looks like the apocalypse has come early. Forsaken Fortress is a team based RPG that also incorporates elements of base building, community management and siege defense. Think Fallout meets X-Com as produced by the SIMS.

Pick #3 – The Black Coat: The Blackest Dye

In colonial America, the Black Coat is an infant nation’s first super-spy. An inventor and expert swordsman, the Coat works to foil the plans of our British adversaries and make America free. Damsels in distress, espionage and intrigue, a swashbuckling look and plenty of action all wrap up to make an excellent adventure comic.