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Goodbye G4 & Attack of the Show


by on December 21, 2012

Launched just 10 years ago, G4 is closing up shop to become the “fashionable male” channel Esquire. Over the years, as much as we loved some of the content and reruns of Cops, G4 struggled to find its footing outside of one or two hit shows, like Attack of the Show. Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira both got a boost from the program, and we’re here to say thank you and reminisce about the times we shared. Here are some videos that showcase what we loved about Attack of the Show.

Parry Gripp’s Girl at the Video Game Store


Kevin Pereira rocks out backing up Nerf Herder’s Parry Gripp on his ode to attractive video game store employees.

The Best of Kevin Pereira


When Kevin left Attack of the Show earlier this year, G4 did some work for us and collected some of his finest moments in an awesome video.

Kevin Pereira Flirts With Candace Bailey’s Mom


Some of the best moments throughout the life of Attack of the Show were just Kevin mocking his co-hosts and co-workers. This is one of our favorite examples of those epic moments: Kevin comes clean to Candace about his extracurriculars.

The Best of Allison Haislip


Best of the Stunts


When it came time to celebrate Attack of the Show‘s 1000th episode, G4 collected clips from some of their best stunts.

Olivia Munn

Remember when The Newsroom and New Girl‘s Olivia Munn used to be on G4? Guess she’s having a lot of luck with shows that are “new.”


This just barely scratches the surface of the fun times had on AOTS. Head over to for more reminiscing and hilarity.