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T.J. Miller Has An Album

by on November 7, 2012

Hey, the Nerdist podcast network’s very own T.J. Miller of Cashing In with T.J. Miller infamy has a comedy album coming out next week, you know. Might want to jump on that one.

It’s called Mash Up AudioFile and it’s a companion piece to T.J.’s Mash Up TV show, of which we’ve written before. The album, on Comedy Central Records, features a 45-minute standup set and bonus music/comedy mashups from Steinski and Jesse Case.

From the label’s press release:

The digital album features comedian T.J. Miller talking about various types of laughs, bad travel etiquette, and myths about nitrous oxide. He’s also not afraid to get a little weird, comparing his genitals to a soufflé or exploring what it’s like to be so drunk that you’d pretend to be a pigeon to get bread. Miller also introduces characters such as “a demon defending his Netflix queue,” among others

So there’s that.

And while we’re at it, at the same time on the same label, Rob Delaney’s Live at the Bowery Ballroom will be released, featuring an hour of comedy in the audio version of the video special previously released on Rob’s website. You might want that, too.

Both albums come out as digital downloads on Tuesday, November 13th. T.J.’s album will be available from Amazon by clicking here — it’ll be on iTunes but there’s no link yet — and Rob’s album will be available from Amazon and iTunes.