Pop My Culture #98: Retta and Meredith Salenger

Retta (Parks and Recreation) and Meredith Salenger (The Journey of Natty Gann) talk with Cole and Vanessa about movie theater mix-ups, Anne Hathaway vs. Oprah, Beyonce’s Super Bowl Extravaganza, Burger King Japan’s Pumpkin Burger, the indignant mute, Hollywood Heights, frumpy characters, Moesha, being Taft-Hartley’d, Duke and Harvard, TV show live tweeting, Girls, dirty-sounding ballplayers, Magic Mike routines, rom-com cat fights, “vom bombers,” and Meredith’s uncanny knack for “star-making.”


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  • I like Anne Hathaway better after that anecdote…even if actors might want to get over themselves (and Their Process) on balance, no one needs to get over her or himself more than Winfrey. Not a single person in the world (if we count Trump and Limbaugh as people, rather than as performance art).

  • (Which is to say, Every artist, including writers, painters, musicians, et al. have process or processes…but in my experience, actors are the only ones, and not all of them certainly, who regularly choose to be aggressively secretive about their Process. Well, some cooks, too.)

  • Meme comes from the word gene. It’s an idea that gets passed from one person to another, sorta like genes get passed from one person to their offspring.