Hey, Look, It’s Chloe and Alex on Wil Wheaton’s “TableTop”

Hey, look- our own Chloe Dykstra and our own Alex Albrecht are guests on the latest episode of Geek and Sundry’s TableTop with Wil Wheaton. Chloe, Alex, Wil, and game designer/writer Jordan Mechner play card game Star Fluxx on the show. There are action cards and goal cards and surprise cards and creeper cards, and the rules change along the way. What? Yeah, it’s confusing, but it’s fun to watch four smart, funny people plow their way through it. And the winner is so humble that (pronoun redacted) is practically speechless.


Say, while you’re at it, why not watch 4 Points with Alex Albrecht and Just Cos with Chloe Dykstra on the Nerdist Channel while you’re at it? Make it a Chloe ‘n’ Alex weekend.

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