“Doctor Who” Christmas Special Stuff

Ahoy, all!!

Over in the UK on the “Children in Need” special, they, as always, had some delicious Doctor Who stuff for us to chew on, both introduced by Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman. Have a look at a “prequel,” though before the thing comes out it’d have to be a “preview” or a “prologue,” and also a trailer where we get to see some stuff I used to have nightmares about when I was a kid.

So lovely to see the return of the Doctor’s allies from “A Good Man Goes to War.” Also, if that’s the Doctor’s costume for the rest of the series, hooray to that. Now, the trailer.

Christmas is coming, we just have to get beyond Thanksgiving, which apparently isn’t a holiday anymore and is instead “Christmas Round One.” Can’t wait for the special on Christmas night! Look for my review to follow.


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