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Wii U and the Next Gen of Horror

by on October 31, 2012

The state of survival horror games is not great. Sure, Slender and Amnesia have provided some good spooks, but they aren’t enough to satisfy a hunger for long, teetering-on-hopeless tales. 

Uhhh… Matthew. What about Dead Space? 

Uhhh… Imaginary Person. What about shut up? Dead Space was great, of course. However, 2 (and it certainly looks like 3) sacrificed scares for action-packed thrills. The blending of action and horror has slowly suffocated what we loved about survival horror in the first place. Regardless of whether or not you liked Resident Evil 4, 5, or 6, they aren’t anywhere near as scary as their predecessors. Why is that? I believe today’s survival horror titles give you too much control. Not moving when you aim, fixed camera angle – these restrictions created anxieties in former RE titles. Anxiety is necessary for survival horror. Perhaps these devices are outdated, but I’m confident new devices will come and breathe new life into survival horror. The Wii U will bring them.

People are crapping on the Wii U. Their arguments are warranted. The Wii sucked. We’re all a bunch of dopes who fell for the image of innovation and the Wii U can appear to be equally gimmicky. However, I think the second screen will be utilized to prevent you from easily doing what you want to do in a horror title. This is important. Think about it. ZombiU is just scratching the surface. When you need to use your inventory, you must take your eyes off the screen. Then them baddies get to creepin’ up on you. YEEPS! Prime spookin’ and I love it!

Backed into the corner in Resident Evil Zero with no way to punch a zombie’s head all the way to New Zealand.

Games will definitely use this to their advantage. I don’t know how. I don’t make games, but humor me. What if you’re running away from some dude with no skin and an unhinged jaw? You’re in the center of Spooksville, Country of Your Choice now. What do you do? Read from your Book of Satanic Phrases and Chants, of course! You have to stand still, pull out the book, flip to the right page, and read or highlight the correct words. Phew! You’re safe now. The gate to Hell opened and a giant, bloody phallic symbol with teeth swallowed ol’ skinless up.

Hopefully people will buy the Wii U. Then developers will certainly do cool stuff with the gamepad. There’s a powder keg of spooks in that touchscreen. I just know it.