What Happened to Brian? – A “Doctor Who” Epilogue

One question that was on a lot of Doctor Who fan’s minds at the tearful end of “The Angels Take Manhattan” was: What about Brian? No, not the short-lived ABC sitcom starring 7th Heaven‘s Barry Watson; good memory of obscure TV comedies, though. I’m talking of course about Rory’s father, Brian, played by Mark Williams. After just two appearances he became a fan favorite, and after the way in which the Williamses left the series, speculation began as to how it would affect the newly-beloved patriarch.

Well, evidently a scene was scripted and never shot that would have wrapped up Brian’s end of the story. Because the BBC are awesome, they’ve decided to create this scene in storyboard form and even brought back Arthur Darvill to read a letter as Rory, in a scene mirrored by Amy’s letter to the Doctor. The scene was written by Chris Chibnall, who introduced Brian and wrote both episodes featuring him, and it’s a very touching and very “Blink”-ish scene that I would have loved to have seen for the reals. But, at least we have it at all and we know with a little bit more certainty the fate of Amy and Rory.

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