Urban Farming in Oakland: Aquaponics in Action

In the section of Oakland where Eric Maundu lives, there is no useable soil for farming. He’s surrounded by highways, trains, and parking lots, but he’s still found a way to build a farm. Aquaponics is a new form of agriculture that combines fish farming and hydroponics into a sustainable way to grow both plants and fish. Maundu, who is trained in robotics, has developed his own form of Aquaponics rigs that can control water level, pH, and temperature, and even tell him when they need water. The rigs use no soil, are solar powered and use 90% less water than traditional farming. It’s utterly fascinating and potentially the future of reclaiming unusable areas of urban blight. The units will also come in really handy after the zombie apocalypse, so there’s that.

Via: Reddit & Fair Companies

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