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Sex Nerd Sandra: Roleplay Pervertibles

SPANKING POWDER, SEA MONKEYS & ROLEPLAY PARTY GAMES! Emily Prior & Tim Woodman join Sandra & Dave to discuss the beautiful freshness of what roleplay can bring to a relationship. TOPICS: Sexual Minorities, Fetishism, In-N-Out Burger, Teenage Makeouts, Improv Applications, School Yard Rules, Super Mario, “Let’s Pretend,” Power Dynamics, Watermelons, Partner Worship, and a game you just MUST play with your friends!
Tim Woodman works in Adult films, producing directing and performing in fetish/fantasy/BDSM videos. He runs his own websites and as well as appearing in numerous other kink-themed websites and studios. He teaches a variety of classes including rope bondage workshops and fantasy roleplay workshops in the Los Angeles area.
Emily Prior is the Director of the Center for Positive Sexuality. She holds an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree and teaches about human sexuality at several Los Angeles colleges and universities. Emily also hosts her alternative sexuality webcast “Is This Normal?,” which can be found on YouTube: More information on her schedule and workshops can be found at
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