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Sex Nerd Sandra: Sex Rules! With Maria Falzone

SEXUAL SENSES, FUTURE BREEDERS & MAGIC SPERM! Sandra & Dave answer an email on an angled dangle and discuss brand spankin’ new sex conference Catalyst Con! Then hilarious powerhouse & comedian Maria Falzone shares stories of sex education, vulvas and showerheads. Check out Maria’s fantastic show at ***Apologies for the audio quality this week, Sex Nerds!


Maria Falzone has headlined the top comedy clubs throughout the US and Europe and a finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. For the past 17 years Maria has toured college campuses explaining the rules to greater and safer sex lecture to hundreds of thousands of  students nationwide.  She is the founder of the International Foundation of Comprehensive Sexual Health and Education and the creator of the ‘Speak to me so that I can Speak up’ campaign, which encourages a dialogue about sex between parents and their children.

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