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Sex Nerd Sandra: HPV, STIs & TMIs

FACE HERPES, TESTY TESTERS, & the CANCER VACCINE! Part 1 of 2 Episodes on STD & Contraceptive Basics, veteran Nurse Practitioner Patty Cason lays down the STI knowledge, focusing on HPV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis & the new Gonorrhea Superbug. ALSO: Health Benefits of Sex, Intimate Partner Violence, STD vs STI, vaccines, testing, Prophylactic Doilies, Dental Dams, Hep C, Herpes 1 & 2 the Worst PSA EVER!


Patty Cason is a family nurse practitioner specializing in gynecology.  She is passionate about educating other health care providers about the need to address their patients’ sexual and reproductive health issues adeptly and sensitively.  To accomplish this, Patty lectures and conducts trainings across the US on sexuality, contraception, STIs, vaginal and vulvar health and disease, cervical cancer prevention, PCOS, and incontinence.  Patty believes human beings and our society thrive on daily health sex.

Patty lovingly provided excellent resources on several topics:

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