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Gallifrey Gustation with Alton Brown on “Dork Fork”

by on September 1, 2012

Today, we unveil the first episode of Dork Fork on the Nerdist Channel. It’s the new series on which comedians Andie Bolt and Harrison Brown, plus, in the debut, guest Alton Brown, show you how to make special treats for special occasions. First up: Food for your Doctor Who Series 7 debut episode viewing party.

We’ll have episodes timed for special occasions in the coming months, so have your pantry stocked and your cooking implements always at the ready. Read more about the show in Luke Y. Thompson’s chat with Andie by clicking here, and enjoy the Whovian repast while you watch the new Who, 9/8c on BBC America (same time in Canada on Space, and 7:20p in the UK on BBC One).

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