Avengers Disembowel! Marvel NOW’s “Avengers Arena” is Battle Royale for Superheroes


Marvel NOW is about to get a lot bloodier, because Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker are sending sixteen of the Marvel Universe’s youngest heroes to a reality show-themed Murderworld run by longtime X-Men foe/world’s worst amusement park owner Arcade in Avengers Arena. You can bet your bottom dollar that Mojo is already setting his DVR. announced the series today with a cover paying homage to cult classic Japanese children’s deathmatch movie Battle Royale. With a cast including Runaways’ Nico and Chase; Avengers Academy‘s Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil, X-23, Juston and his Sentinel; Annihilation‘s Cammi; Darkhawk and several new characters, Hopeless and Walker are sending Marvel’s best and brightest on the worst field trip of all time. Seem like too many characters to keep track of on one team? Don’t worry; in an interview, Hopeless remarked “if you’re going to kill a lot of characters you gotta have a lot of characters.” Would you expect anything less from a writer named Hopeless?

Check out Dave Johnson’s awesome cover below, then quemment and let us know what you think about this title!


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