Travel Through Time With Saturday’s Nerdist TV Special

Hey, there’s another Nerdist TV special this weekend on BBC America! And this time, I’m finally gonna get it in HD! (happy dance) (I just realized HD COULD stand for “happy dance”) If you, like me, are a Verizon FiOS subscriber, BBC America’s been added to the HD lineup as of a couple of days ago. This pleases me no end. But whether you get the HD or SD version, you should be tuning in on Saturday night, 10/9c, for The Nerdist: Tribute to Time Travel. What can you expect? Well, Damon Lindelof drops in, and Tom Weston-Jones, star of the new original BBC America series Copper, is also on the show. It’s part of a whole time travel evening, starting at 9/8c with The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who:

And here’s a special sneak peek at the Nerdist special, with Tom Weston-Jones discussing — I kid you not — merkins:

While you’re at BBC America, you should stick around for Sunday’s premiere of Copper, too, 10/9c, from no less than Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana and about the top detective in New York in 1864, when things in the city were a bit different.

You have plenty to watch this weekend. Make sure these are on your list.

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