Somebodies: Gotye VJs His Covers

“Somebody That I Used To Know” is one of those rare songs–your hipster molecules tell you not to like it, but you can’t help listening to it when it pops up somewhere anyway. We’ve all heard the song the same number of times as its video views, which is currently 298, 680, 518, but this crowdsourced cover mash-up is pretty genius. As an love letter of appreciation to his fans, Gotye alias and body paint enthusiast Wally De Backer took a bunch of fan-made covers to create a mega-cover, and it’s kind of beautiful. Not just musically, but because this is a PERFECT snapshot of our YouTubey digital culture–talented individuals being pulled together by something they love on a platform that can be instantly exposed to the world. We are at a very special time in human history. Everyone has power. Everyone has a talent. You no longer have an excuse not to share yours with the world.

via reddit, of course

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