Music Geek Track of the Week: New Flight of the Conchords

It has been three long years since Flight of the Conchords graced our television sets on Sunday nights with oblivious, self-deprecating pop songs, but now Brett and Jemaine have finally reunited to rally behind a good cause. In support of Cure Kids, a New Zealand-based charity that researches childhood illness, the pop duo has released a one-off single, “Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That).”

Check out the extended video above, which features a typical band meeting with Murray, and watch as Brett and Jemaine interview kids for their thoughts on how to fundraise for sick children and then cobble together an entire charity song from their ideas at the end. It’s adorable, and potentially even economically viable. And if the video puts you in the giving spirit, you can find out more information here, at the Cure Kids’ website.

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