Pop My Culture #84: Jake Fogelnest

Jake Fogelnest (MTV’s Squirt TV, VH1’s I Love the 80s) chats with Cole and Vanessa about The Newsroom, Nora Ephron, The Choice, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Ann Curry’s firing, the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split, fictitious bands, Wilford Brimley, fake Studio 60 Twitter accounts, haunting Ryan Seacrest, alien encounters, True Blood, and Jake’s fantasy role on Breaking Bad.
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  • 3D: Length Width and Depth (any real world object is in 3 Dimensions)
    2D: A plane, colloquially referring to an image that is flat.
    1D: A single point on a plain lacking both length and width.
    4D: A 3 dimensional object moving through time – this is bullshit you can use to make yourself sound smarter at cocktail parties.

  • Sorry Mike, you were so close, but you still got 1D wrong. 1D is a line segment with a single dimension (length). A point is 0D as it has no dimensions whatsoever.