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Mega-”Tournament of Nerds,” Live On Tape From San Diego

by on July 29, 2012

We have so much Tournament of Nerds for you on the Nerdist Channel today, it’s not funny. No, wait, I don’t mean… see, it IS funny, very funny, but there’s a lot, so much that we needed to do it in three videos with three rounds, all taped before a live audience at the YouTube Lounge during San Diego Comic-Con International. The Round 1 matchups — you know by now that the debate is who would win in a fight, right? — are video game characters Link from The Legend of Zelda vs. Pac-Man, cartoon characters Jem vs. My Little Pony (well, hello, Bronies), partial human Spock vs. mostly human Cliff Huxtable, and — we’re serious here — the plants from The Happening vs. noted milkshake drinker Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood.

And here’s Round 2:

Finally, Round 3:

Your hosts, as always, are the genial Justin Donaldson and Hal Rudnick. Place your bets and see who won.

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