Mega-“Tournament of Nerds,” Live On Tape From San Diego

We have so much Tournament of Nerds for you on the Nerdist Channel today, it’s not funny. No, wait, I don’t mean… see, it IS funny, very funny, but there’s a lot, so much that we needed to do it in three videos with three rounds, all taped before a live audience at the YouTube Lounge during San Diego Comic-Con International. The Round 1 matchups — you know by now that the debate is who would win in a fight, right? — are video game characters Link from The Legend of Zelda vs. Pac-Man, cartoon characters Jem vs. My Little Pony (well, hello, Bronies), partial human Spock vs. mostly human Cliff Huxtable, and — we’re serious here — the plants from The Happening vs. noted milkshake drinker Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood.

And here’s Round 2:

Finally, Round 3:

Your hosts, as always, are the genial Justin Donaldson and Hal Rudnick. Place your bets and see who won.

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