Look! “Who”‘s Bowling!

So we had that Nerdist Channel panel Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con International, and at the panel we showed a little reel of highlights from upcoming Nerdist Channel shows. And one of the clips drew gasps and wild applause, because it showed something I’ve been unable to tell you about until now. Cloaked in tight security, a new episode of Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling was taped here in San Diego the other day. And the team taking on Team Nerdist was made up of these guys:

Yes. It’s Team Doctor Who. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and, obscured in this picture because of my angle and my desire not to stand up and walk around to get a better angle, Steven Moffat.

Team Nerdist included this crew:

Wil Wheaton in a “Wesley Crushers” bowling shirt! And Chloe did change from heels into bowling shoes for the actual competition. Cosplay has its limits.

It was an absolute blast, and there’s much to tell you about, but we’d better leave it for the actual release of the show. Let it suffice to say that some of the contestants had bowling styles that were a bit… unusual. And some of those styles resulted in surprising success, while others, not so much.

I don’t know when it’ll post, but if you aren’t already subscribed to the Nerdist Channel, now would be a great time to do it so you get the word first.

And from BBC America’s fine Anglophenia blog, this formal portrait of everyone together, taken by Dave Gustav Anderson:

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