Here’s The Nerdist Channel Sneak Peek Video From Comic-Con

You couldn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con International to see the Nerdist Channel panel on Saturday? That’s a shame, because it was a good one, with previews of the next round of new programming and guests/Nerdist Channel hosts including Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gary Dell’Abate, Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan, Chloe Dykstra, Alex Albrecht, and Alison Haislip, plus our leader Chris Hardwick. The previews included a short video compliation of clips of new shows, and it happens to include a tantalizing bit of footage of the Doctor Who-Nerdist clash on Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling, which, being the first time the general public was in on our little secret, drew a huge reaction.

You’ll find that video above. Watch it and see some of the stuff we have in store. We got your NPH, your Science Guy, your Star Talk, your cosplay, and, yes, your Time Lord Bowling. I can’t wait until you see the whole match, but this’ll tide you over. Enjoy!

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