Beta’d: Did Someone Say 1,000 Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: All 1,000 codes have been claimed; they’ll go out to the lucky thousand shortly (they tell me they’ll be emailed Thursday morning). Thank you for entering!)

What’s that? Did someone say Nerdist News is giving away 1,000 Guild Wars 2 beta keys? Well, you’d be smart to listen to that person, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. Be one of the first 1,000 people to enter your e-mail on our contest page and you can walk away with exclusive access to the third and final Beta Weekend, taking place July 20-22. Once you get your key, simply enter it at, and you’ll be ready to face the Elder Dragons of Tyria head-on with 999 of your Nerdist friends. Need more convincing? This Beta Weekend event will let you play the two previously unplayable races, the chlorophyll-filled warriors of the Sylvari and the Asura, a diminutive, gadget-obsessed race. So, enter your e-mail, take up your swords and get ready to take Tyria by storm.

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