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Nerdist News at the “Prometheus” Premiere

Nerdist News’ Dan Casey went to London to attend the premiere of Prometheus, and he got the chance to talk about the movie with Ridley Scott, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. And he brings you the results right here in this video. So… did you see the movie yet? Whadja think?

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  • I really enjoyed this movie when I watched it. I walked out the cinema in a good mood. It was entertaining and well filmed. However that said as I though about it more I realise that the story telling in this movie is very poor. First off Ridley answers almost none of the questions he let on would be answered, we know exactly zero more about anything in the alien universe after watching this. We only have stuff to speculate on. And two he left us with heaps more questions. It’s not good story telling, Take Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Hitchhiker’s or even Potter, all these stories were done over multiple movies/books, but each part left you as much satisfied as questioning. This movie failed on that part. Not to mention some weird plot holes…

    That said, I still enjoyed it when I watched. It was fun and compelling and I never felt board for a moment. It was a pleasure to look at as well. It was only on reflection that I realised I was a bit bitter about it.

  • Re: critics.
    I’ve also heard some harsh reviews, most recently the NPR guy on Friday. The problem I have with a lot of these opinions is that they are invariably using Scott’s previous work as some sort of strange comparison and nitpicking this or that, etc. I would really prefer that critics approach the things they are reviewing, be it music, books, or in this case movies, as if they never heard of the person responsible for creating it.
    As for this one, every time I hear some snippet of detail about it, like Fassbender’s portrayal of the robot, it increases my need to see it.

  • This isn’t 1979 so nobody is going to take it easy on this movie, especially alien fans. I’ve seen critics give glowing reviews to this, including Ebert surprisingly, and I’ve seen fans of the alien franchise tear it a new @sshole.
    I think the scenes that work make up for the ones that don’t. There are a few parts where Ridley tops himself in Prometheus. Alien and Blade Runner got bad reviews when they came out and we all know how that ended, everybody loves them now. This might become another cult classic of his. This is going to be the most hotly debated movie since Phantom Menace.