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About the New iOS Podcast App…

by on June 27, 2012

So, there’s now a Podcasts app for iOS. It was announced for iOS6, but it’s now available for iOS5 as well.

This means a few things: one, you can now more easily stream podcasts. (You could in the more recent iOS iterations of the Music app, but it’s easier now) Downloading is no longer an issue. You just click and listen, if you’re connected. And that means that it’s easier than ever to listen to, or download, or subscribe to any and all of the Nerdist Podcast Network shows on your iPhone or iPad without the need for a third party app. No syncing necessary.

More? The Music app control for skipping back 30 seconds is now a pair of buttons to let you skip back 10 seconds or forward 30 seconds. The speed controls (oh, how listening at 2X speed frees up more time to… listen to more podcasts), the scrub bar, and a sleep timer button are now part of a player (which you get to by swiping upwards on the show icon) that looks like an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, which for some of you will be unidentifiable but for those of us who are members of Teh Olds will bring warm nostalgic memories of long hours in radio production rooms wielding razor blades and carefully taping tails of magnetic tape together. Wait, that’s not a warm memory at all. Anyway, the app, if you use multiple iOS devices with the same Apple ID, will sync your listening position so you’ll be in the same place in the podcast on all devices.

And that’s basically it. For those of you who use apps like Downcast or Podcatcher or Instacast, is this enough for you to switch? For those of you used to listening to your podcasts in the Music app, is this an improvement? Comments below, guys.