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Will You Watch A Dan Harmon-less ‘Community’?

by on May 19, 2012

So, this happened.

Late Friday, Dan Harmon was dropped as showrunner of Community. For a show which is for all practical purposes tied directly to one person’s creative vision, the news portends change, and the quirks that endeared the show to its rabid cult following are in danger of being ironed out in favor of a more conventional sitcom approach. Or not — nobody can say exactly how this will play out. The only thing certain is that it won’t play out with Dan Harmon in charge, or involved at all.

As you’d expect from him, Dan wrote a candid Tumblr post about his departure from the show overnight, so if you want to get his take on the firing, you should go here — as customary from Dan, it’s a good read and, as always, he doesn’t hold back much. And then, come back here and post your thoughts. Will you watch? Will you give the new guys a chance? Can a show that’s the radically singular vision of its creator survive a change at the top? Compare and contrast: Doctor Who and The Simpsons (showrunner changes, long-term survival) vs. The West Wing and NYPD Blue (showrunner changes, not so good). Post your first impressions here. I don’t have to tell you to be civil, do I?