The New Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” Arrives

This life is not an easy one. He’s made enemies. Powerful enemies. Put those he loves in danguh — er, danger. But the one thing that’s haunted him his entire life is finding the truth about his parents. Also, figuring out his accent.

Yes, it’s a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, including some more goofiness with the carjacker, some pensive moments, and some falling antennas. And the Lizard. As always, feel free to analyze, and overanalyze, in the comments.



  • People tend to forget that Pete’s a rather smart kid.

    He’s a bit of a scientist.

    This movie seems to show that.

    Also. Someone had better call Kenny Loggins………

    Because I’m pretty sure that.

    He’s in the ddddddddanger zooooooooooone!

  • The Glitch Mob should just name their next album: “HYPE-AS-SHIT TRAILER MUSIC”
    (Honestly though, I haven’t been as impressed by a Spiderman trailer since the first film’s teaser, that featured the world trade centre)

  • *Facepalm* I mean .. looks cool and all..nice eye candy…good spiderweb antics..but..WHY!?!?! Now I’ve got to figure all this new information into the whole Peter Parker history/timeline..omg I DONT HAVE TIME! Ok…rant over. I’ll go see it, of course I will.

  • This movie is going to definitely benefit from the improvement in FX since the first movie. I just don’t understand why they messed with the costume so much. Its iconic for me. Its going to make a ton of money not Avenger money but still do well.

  • It looks nice and modern and sharp and I’m sure will be good fun to see but It just doesn’t seem like Spider-Man. It would be great for another super hero. Spider-Man’s not slick and cyber and hyper like that. Maybe Ultimate Spider-Man? That’s probably it.
    I know, they have to keep things up to date for the kiddies. And it does look great.
    Now Fantastic Four, THAT would be great with this kind of treatment. (with a real writer and actual good casting this time of course.)

  • I’m psyched for this movie. Originally I thought the Raimi ones were the best possible (well, the first one… maybe two… the third, with Emo!Peter was sort of ehh), but if they’re going to do something half-right and make it a bit more interesting, I’ll go with that. I grew up with the 92 cartoon series and this, to me, is reminiscent of that.

  • Parents hiding backstory from their child? Seen it.

    Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man through trial-and-error? Seen it.

    Trusted companion becoming villain? Seen it.

    Mask dramatically getting pulled off? Seen it.

  • You people are all nuts and this looks awesome.

    I wasn’t sold on it with the original preview but these new ones, plus the clips available online, make it look more and more sweet. I’m starting to believe more and more that Andrew can pull off not only Peter Parker but also the contrasting character that is Spider-man in the same person.

    Also, yeah the idea of an origin story again kinda sucks, but maybe they’ll do it differently somehow. Like in the Spectacular Spidey cartoon.

    But… when you think about it the first Raimi movie came out, what? 10 years ago? Recalling that, I’m not too upset about it.

  • The first Spider-Man movie was such an important movie in my young geek life,so I was a bit skeptic about this reboot.
    But this trailer looks really really good! I’m glad they are trying to give the public a fresh take on the character, instead of the same story over and over.