Steven Moffat Wins Special BAFTA

Sunday night, Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Steven Moffat was awarded a special BAFTA award for excellence in television. And who better to present the award to him than Sherlock and the Doctor themselves, Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith? The pair give their respective show’s head honcho a funny, heartfelt, and charmingly awkward amount of adulation followed by a clips from much of The Moff’s writing. Moffat himself gives quite a nice speech, very befitting of the man who gives clever characters clever things to say. My favorite bit might just be the very old clip of him with the outrageously poofy hair. Fun fun. Congratulations, Mr. Moffat; I, for one, think it’s exceedingly well deserved.

-Kanderson’s TWITTER and PODCAST

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