Pop My Culture #79: Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen (Angel, Crazy, Stupid Love), beloved twitterer as  @jennyandteets, joins Cole and Vanessa to goof off about The Avengers,  The Playboy Mansion, poodles, sex shop exploits, Viva Laughlin, The Smoking Jacket, “boatox,” movie tag lines, losing MCA, the Huffington Post, Fifty Shades of Grey, Girls, Game of Thrones, slutty Annie Hall and Jenny’s Halloween experience at Shane Black’s house.

Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first reality show you can remember being obsessed with) on our website for a chance to win a Pop My Culture T-Shirt! (They are nice! And snuggly!)

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  • I think it was Dr. Benway, the William Burroughs character, who led to my first inkling about ben wa balls…because WB loved his sextoy puns and such…I see that one can buy them from Amazon nowadays (I can’t say I’m surprised). But being very young in the 1970s allowed one to learn of such things rather easily, as writers of various sorts finally felt free to let their flags unfurl…

    Thanks for the tips…I’d managed to not ever let THE SMOKING JACKET register on my consciousness, nor the HELLO GIGGLES site…shall have to check for at least that short story. Stay out of the Grotto, as everyone jokes…sort of, jokes, that is…and probably best to have one’s wits about one…so none of the pure ‘Quil on that day nor Ny(te)…