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Hi, I’m Arrow. Green Arrow. Nice To Meet You

By now, you’ve heard that the Green Arrow will be a TV series on The CW this Fall, Arrow. They’ve released a trailer, so this is your first look at it: preparation, exercise, upside down dangling, and the fateful bow and arrow, as Oliver Queen becomes the DC Comics vigilante you’ve come to know. That’s Canadian actor Stephen Amell as Queen/Arrow; you’d know him from, er, well, he was recurring on Private Practice and did a bunch of guest shots on stuff like CSI and 90210 and New Girl and Queer as Folk (U.S. version), and he was on Rent-a-Goalie, if you get the Canadian pay channel Showcase.

Personally, I’m not buying the tennis ball-piercing act, because the balls wouldn’t bounce that high that slowly even for someone with that quick a trigger, but if you’re going to buy any of the rest of this, I suppose you have to just go with it. I have to overcome my suspension-of-disbelief difficulties.

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