Enlightened Debauchery

A while back I posted an entry about TLC’s Geek Love, a reality show that chronicles a nerds-only dating service. It was on the extreme end of nerdiness and catered to more of a Comic-Con crowd. The principle of Sci-Fi Dating is that nerds have a better chance of finding love in their comfort zone, and the bar scene is not for them. But what if you fall somewhere between the clubgoer and the LARPer? Where do you go to meet new people?

There’s a group in L.A. called Mindshare that purports to be a “mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other progressive characters to meet, broaden their perspective and expand their networks.” They hold monthly workshops and other more social events where great minds kind share alike. Sounds like a pretty snazzy place to meet someone, right? Let’s forget I just used the word “snazzy.” It sounds like an interesting place that weeds out the phonies and focuses on cerebral pursuits in a fun way. Mindshare sees itself as “enlightened debauchery” that anyone with a (high-functioning) brain can enjoy. I have personally never been to Mindshare, but have some friends who have had great experiences. Now, this place in no way defines itself as a meet market, but I think it has great potential to be one without feeling like a scene.

Even if you are attached, Mindshare sounds like a great place to get away from all the show-biz wannabes and hipsters to have some good conversations.

So, who’s going with me?!





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