Dial Up And Connect: LinkedIn, 1989-Style

The folks at strike again with another imagining of a popular website as if it was invented long ago. In this case, it’s what LinkedIn would have been like in the ’80s, including a groaner of a Donna Summer joke, a Leisure Suit Larry shout, and a Chuck Norris reference:

For you “I wasn’t born yet!” types, yep, that was what computing was like in the DOS days, complete with the sound of the dot matrix printer. And watch at the end of the video (before the credits) for the D: prompt and another joke, which ties into an earlier parody:

More previous retro parodies include Facebook in the ’90s, in the form of an unctious TV instructional show:

And the same “show” looking at a pre-YouTube YouTube:

And Google on an ’80s dialup BBS:

And a 1982 Angry Birds PC game:

I don’t know whether to laugh or just sit there feeling old.

HT: Geekosystem

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