Avenging Phanatic

This special trailer that appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman makes me want to see The Avengers even more, because, well, I didn’t know that my favorite superhero of all time is in the movie, too:

The blockbuster movie of the season plus my favorite team? Perfect. Let’s see… the Hulk can play first until Ryan Howard gets back, Captain America would make a good Chase Utley stand-in…


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  • im from philly and i would love to see that happen espicially because i love the phanitic because hes the olny thing that makes my like a phillies game

  • They can also bring Hawkeye up from AAA Lehigh Valley to pitch while Lee is on the 15-day DL. Thor can might also be the power hitter they need to solidify the offense.

  • It is soooo awesome, and hilarious. It’s interesting being in New Zealand and actually having a movie come out here before the US. All the US sites I read are like “I hope it’ll be good” and I’m on the other side of the world screaming “hell yea it is!!!”

  • Since viewing this the first time I have recurring daydreams of Charlie Manuel as Nick Fury. The results are, shall we say, comedy gold.

    Seeing this Saturday night. Can’t frickin’ wait. I might even hoist a few cervezas and turn the whole day into a sort of Geeko de Mayo. Free Comic Book Day? Don’t mind if I do.