Zombie Chris Hardwick Presents the Nerdist Channel

And now, a message from Zombie Chris Hardwick:

Yes, the Nerdist Channel is on its way April 2nd, bringing you a plethora, a veritable treasure trove, even, of fine nerd-centric entertainment. You’ve heard about some of the projects over the past few months, including shows from Neil Patrick Harris and Rob Zombie, “The Awkward Family Show,” “Weird Stuff from Japan,” Chris’ own “All Star Bowling,” the Marvin E. Quasniki presidential campaign, and more (full line-up announcing soon!), and it will all be available to you, the educated consumer, on demand. You should click here right now and subscribe so you won’t miss a thing. Or just click on the “Subscribe” link that appears at the top right of the video above. DO IT. NOW.

And there’s something else you can do, one that might prove profitable to you. Our siblings at Nerdist News are giving away a Doctor Who prize package from Underground Toys in celebration of the Nerdist Channel, and it’s a good one. You’d like a customizable electronic Sonic Screwdriver, right? And a light-up Dalek keychain? And a pair of… well, I’ll let them describe it: “two blind-packaged Character Building mini-figures in the style of your favorite block construction toys”? You can win all of that, and all you have to do is go over to Nerdist News via this link, put your name and email in the appropriate spaces, and click “go.” Do that by March 12th and your name will be in the running. If you’re not subscribed to the newsletter already, entering will take care of that for you. The official rules and stuff are on the contest page. And you should also follow Nerdist News on Twitter, “like” them on Facebook, and, as previously mentioned, subscribe to the Nerdist Channel while you’re at it.

By the way, how about that zombification job on Hardwick? That’s Walking Dead makeup artist Greg Nicotero’s work. He’s good, isn’t he? Love the spare arm.

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