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“Saber,” the Sequel, Coming To the Nerdist Channel

by on March 28, 2012

At San Diego Comic-Con International in 2009, a short film by Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt and their Danger Maiden Productions (along with Ariescope Pictures) called Saber won the awards for both Best Action Short and Audience Choice in the 8th Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards competition. The short, directed by Adam Green, was a mock commercial that included two women, two lightsabers, and… you know, you might as well just take a look at it yourself:

Now… there’s a sequel. And it’ll premiere on the Nerdist Channel on May 4th, in conjunction with Star Wars Day (yes, as in “May the Fourth Be With You”).

This time around, none other than Seth Green will be directing, and we’re being promised that the short will be “more adult,” which, well, yeah. And any future Saber incarnations will launch on the Nerdist Channel as well. Subscribe so you’ll know all about everything that’s coming up.

Also, Grant and Vanderbilt will be bringing their lightsaber skills to the Course of the Force relay, which starts on July 7th and will make its way down the coast from Santa Monica to San Diego on July 11th to kick off preview night at San Diego Comic-Con International. You can join them in the run/walk and help out the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the process by going to and signing up.