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The Hostful Art Project

by on February 14, 2012

Hey, you artists out there! We have a little project for you. A challenge, if you will. We know there’s a lot of talent in our audience — a LOT — and we’d like to give you a chance to show it off.

Okay, you know about the Hostful episodes of the Nerdist Podcast, right? And you know how all of our podcasts get artwork attached to them when they pop up on this here website, correct? Well, we’d like you to try your hand at creating art to feature with the Hostful podcasts.

Here’s the deal: This is not for profit, it’s just a fun thing we want to do, and the art will not be used by us other than to illustrate the podcast here at  If you’re interested, here are the things you need to know:

1. The art needs to be done in three sizes, 615 px width x 250 px height (for the podcast post itself), 625×200 (for when it’s featured on the front page), and 300×200 (for the grid on the front page).

2. The art has to be Nerdist-themed. We’ll leave the specifics to you, but it should be somehow related to the Hostfuls or Nerdist or Chris, Jonah, and Matt, or any combination thereof.

3. We’ll be happy to give you credit and a link to your other work, too. You should include that information with your submission.

4. This is ongoing. No deadline. Keep ‘em coming.

To submit, send the artwork (all three sizes) in an email with your name and contact information/link the way you’d like to be credited, and send it all to [email protected], with — this is important — the subject line “Art!”

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with. And, in advance, thank you!