The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 2/8

There is no doubt that the last touchdown of this year’s Super Bowl by the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw might be one of the funniest plays in Super Bowl history. Of course, that was in no way intended for laughs, as that’s pretty much the last thing one would do as a professional athlete while playing the game. I can’t speak for the celebrations after the play, however.

Either way, don’t let that play or the one or two Super Bowl ads that you actually liked distract you from this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos because these folks actually meant to make you laugh and that’s what count in “the comedy game”. (NOTE: There is no such thing as the “comedy game”. It’s pretty much an Sisyphus type situation)

1. Improv Everywhere discovered that people in Aspen, CO still don’t know what to do when they’re meeting a black person in 2012.

2. Thanks to Lindsay Ames, Ron Babcock, MTV, and Jenga for showing us How To End a Date in 30 Seconds or Less.

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3. Comedian Matt Knudsen writes very funny tweets and can play several instruments, as evidenced in this video where he does both. Also, in Knudsen’s plethora of talents: printing very funny tweets neatly on placards.

4. Sketch group Dead Kevin gives a great example of how NOT to deal with doing the dishes amongst roommates.

5. Billy Eichner is in love with Madonna and let all of Lucas Oil Stadium now during the Super Bowl. Brilliant.

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