The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 2/21

An ESPN writer was fired recently for including a racial slur in a headline about the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, possibly thinking that it was incredibly clever (he denies it and says it was an “honest mistake”). None of this week’s Most Intentionally Funny Videos hinge on the cleverness of racist puns, just in case you were wondering. PETA might be offended at what Joan Rivers said on Letterman, but it was nothing racist.

1. Nick Turner is hilarious, especially when it comes to showing how lazy he can be on his new web series, King Temp.

2. The Soup, which Jonah Ray is a part of, got romance advice from Al Sharpton, which everyone should follow for the funniest Valentine’s ever.

3. The next cop show on TV should be Narc(oleptic) Cop.

4. You do know Joan Rivers is awesome, right? Watch her on Letterman if you forgot.

5. The hilarious daily live action comic strip, Puddin’ with Eddie Pepitone and Matt Oswalt, just surpassed a year. Celebrate by watching their anniversary.

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