Here’s Bad Veins’ New Video, Starring Chris Hardwick

This is the new video by Cincinnati indie pop heroes Bad Veins, and it’s a great song called “Dancing on TV” with an outstanding video which is not just outstanding because it stars our own Chris Hardwick as the host of a 1970’s TV dance show, although that’s nice, too. Go watch it, then we’ll talk.

Okay, you saw it? Good. It’s just an accident of timing that it’s been released this week in the wake of the passing of Don Cornelius, since it’s an homage to the kind of TV dance show of which Soul Train was a leading example (especially with the evocation of the “Soul Train Line”), but it’s fitting. As a member of Teh Olds, I will admit to having watched cheesy local dance shows of the era back when they actually roamed the earth and I can vouch for the video’s depiction of those shows. In fact, they were even cheesier (oh, for the days of Dancin’ on Air on channel 17 in Philly, with big-haired kids from South Philly and the Great Northeast fighting for camera time). And Chris’ rhyming patter practically channels old Philly DJ and TV dance show host Jerry Blavat (“The Geator with the Heater, the Big Boss with the Hot Sauce”), which would be REALLY eerie if Jerry Blavat wasn’t still alive.

Anyway, this video is a taste of Bad Veins’ new album “The Mess We’ve Made,” which will come out on April 24th. They’ll be touring throughout the Midwest, South, and Northeast in support of the release, too, first with We Were Promised Jetpacks, then, after shows on their own in Philly, Annapolis, Boston (Allston), and New York, with Two Door Cinema Club; the schedule’s at this link at Consequence of Sound. And if you see the movie Chronicle, their song “Gold and Warm” is on the soundtrack, so pay attention.

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