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Defending SNL From… You?

by on February 29, 2012

Almost without fail, every single move by Saturday Night Live comes under heavy scrutiny, usually in a negative light. Every episode is extensively recapped by almost every culture or humor blog (note that we do not do that here at essentially saying either how shitty SNL has gotten or how, thankfully, this particular episode was tolerable. The New York Times just wrote, almost in an patronizing-apologist fashion, how the funny female hosts on SNL are changing perceptions of women in comedy. Aside from the unnecessary encouragement of the “are women funny” discourse amongst comedy, SNL still holds sway as a benchmark in comedy in the hearts and minds of many despite generational changes in the show.

Photo: Christopher Macsurak via Wikipedia

The hate leveled at SNL manifests itself most clearly in the outrage at the announcement of who will be hosting the show in a few weeks or months. Despite the unpopular image of Lindsay Lohan, the recent announcement of having her on SNL shouldn’t be a surprise. SNL has had plenty of guests over decades that are there only because of their cultural cache derived from a movie release, TV show airing, winning a professional sports championship, or in this case, trying to rehabilitate their career, starting off with a well-received (so I hear) photo spread in Playboy on that particular week.

The unfortunate reality is that any show like SNL that has lasted almost 40 years inevitably has to change. The zeitgeist at which SNL digs to poke fun is constantly shifting, necessitating different cast members, different comedic sensibilities, and a show that will be absolutely not be the one that “you grew up with.” As such, it’s pretty much wasted time and effort getting steamed over anything SNL does, especially when the core of the problem is “this isn’t like the Will Ferrell days,” or, “this will never be as good as Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, AHHHHHH!” Watch old episodes of “your” SNL if you’re going to raise your blood pressure over someone hosting SNL that isn’t the funniest person on earth.

As this is the case, the following is a list of things that are more worth your time than getting mad at SNL:

-Digging through apartment for loose change then going to bank instead of Coinstar to get every last cent
-Going to the DMV and waiting for no reason at all
-Finding the thief that only steals from people who are donating their goods by leaving them on the curb for Goodwill to pick up
-Discovering that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in the Bermuda Triangle, which is really in Atlantis, which is most likely located at the coordinates of some code found in John Hodgman’s book That Is All
-Learning Esperanto
-Making a blog of Game of Thrones .gifs that are translated into Esperanto
-Convincing Matthew McConaughey to never take his shirt off again
-Getting your own reality show because of how interesting/horrible of a person you are right after you read this list
-Live-tweeting the Oscars while sitting next to Martin Scorsese at the Oscars
-Complaining about people who live tweet the Oscars on Twitter
-Ironically tweeting whatever sports event is happening opposite the Oscars during the Oscars
-Creating a web series of you stepping on different sidewalk cracks around the world to keep metaphorically breaking your mother’s back
-Eating an entire bottle of Srircha sauce without anyone daring you to
-Illegally uploading every Celebrity Jeopardy sketch only to find someone already did it
-Write SNL fan fiction
-Find America’s Next Honey Badger
-Write your Congressman about how parking enforcement isn’t vital to the advancement of society and asking him to pardon your ticket
-Trying to kill America’s Next Honey Badger with your bare hands
-Watching all of Berlin Alexanderplatz in one sitting
-Writing a stream of consciousness free form poem on your experience of watching Berlin Alexanderplatz
-Adapting aforementioned stream of consciousness free form poem into a fake Twitter account
-Reading every book at Urban Outfitters
-Starting your own public access show that you think is funny (Who knows? It might be good.)
-Starting Anti-Pinterest
-Go through your parent’s yearbook and realize they were as ridiculous as you were/are in HS and then have a revelation that topical sketch humor shifts with every generation and then remember that you should probably leave your folks’ house soon unless you want to end up staying over and painting a spare room that happen to have.
-Asking homeless people if they had just stolen your bike.
-Reminiscing that time Tim Meadows made fun of OJ Simpson by reviewing a football play that said “I Did It”.
-Saying that “you’re a wild and crazy guy” in your apartment a bunch of times until you get evicted for noise complaints.